HiSpeed Gear Inc.
"Digital Business Solutions for the Kenai Peninsula"

Founded on August 1st 1998 in Kenai by life long Alaskan’s Randy and Mary Daly, HiSpeed is the only Alaskan owned, full service, manufacturer certified copier dealership on the Kenai Peninsula today.


From the beginning HiSpeed is more than a copier company.  In the constantly evolving business technology field companies need a resource that can make all the different pieces of technology work together effectively.  Computers, servers, printers, copiers, fax, scanners and the network infrastructure must be able to exchange information consistently and efficiently.    


Today, HiSpeed partners with computer manufacturers Toshiba, HP and Acer; printer companies Toshiba, HP, Oki and Brother; scanner companies Fujitsu, and Toshiba; network hardware from NetGear and HP; as well as state of the art digital copiers and fax from Toshiba to design, implement and maintain the data back bone for Alaskan businesses.


Our service department works hand in hand with Intel, AMD, Maxtor, MSI, and Toshiba components and technical staff to provide repair at the component level.


Software continues to play a bigger and bigger role in providing deliverable benefits from technology, we constantly train to provide greater utility to our customers of their  operating systems and applications.  

In the future more and more business will be conducted using technology our clients do not know about, HiSpeed continues to evaluate new technology, so that our clients get maximum benefit for every tech dollar.

wide format support
best on the peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula is the heart of Alaska’s manufacturing economy. HiSpeed is the oldest wide format provider with a permanent sales & service offices on the peninsula.

HiSpeed supports the building industry providing plans printing, scanning, and copying no other company in on the peninsula  has as much hands on experience as HiSpeed.


we support


A businessí success depends on its ability to improve the delivery of effective and efficient services to itís customer base. HiSpeedís focus is to support the evolution of our clients service and delivery model with appropriate technology, right sized for individual companies. The Goal of HiSpeed is to ultimately help client companies to develop a higher-value business by improving their ability to attract and retain high-quality customers and provide products and services in the most effective manner possible.